Saturday, August 29, 2009

My cousin, the musical genius...

She has written a song that is exactly how I feel about Jaxon. It has touched my heart.

Go listen to the Song titled "Twilight" on her Myspace.

The lyrics below aren't verbatim and are written with Jaxon in mind but this is the part that really gets me and my life, it fits me to the "T".

Jaxon makes me want to be a better, he makes me really want to try. There's something about the way he looks at me that gives my jaded soul the strength to fly. And just when I thought I had seen my darkest night, he came upon me like Twilight.

Thank you, again, Maddy for writing a song that really touches me. You will go far.

Good-bye Carson and Camille

They found a GREAT home yesterday.

I put an ad on Craigslist just to see what kind of response I would get and immediately, I got the perfect response. It was a mother of three little girls who she had promised one of said girls, a puppy. They have been LOOKING for a terrier and she said that two was even better. Carson and Camille will have a yard to run around in, the mother is a stay at home mom who home-schools her's really just the most perfect situation I could have put them in. The greatest part is that they aren't in the military, they are here to stay in Colorado and that is very important to me.

I am going to miss them but they are going to be so happy with their new home. That is what I keep telling myself. I wasn't here when they got picked up but Ron said that those three little girls were ECSTATIC over Carson and Camille. He said the moment he met that family that he knew this was the right decision.

With my starting school, Ron is working more, not to mention the lack of attention they've gotten since Jaxon was born....this is what is best. (This is me trying to make myself feel better by rationalizing it.)

I will be calling, Lisa (their new mommy), today to find out how they did last that weird? And I want to tell her that, if for ANY reason, they can't keep them, they can bring them back to us.

This is so bittersweet for me. :( Look at how Carson is looking at Jaxon. :(

Please, Someone leave me a comment and make me feel better about our decision. LOL.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What makes a good sister?

I will tell you what makes a good sister because I have the best one in the world. She is in the kitchen making me lunch right now. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Learning self sufficiency...

This was our first experience allowing Jaxon to feed himself with something like spaghetti! I normally don't find messy-faced baby pictures appealing...I am actually disgusted by them but it really is true when they say "It's different when it's your child." I used to say that I would NEVER drink after my kid...backwash disgusts me...but it doesn't bother me with Jaxon (depending on what he's eating, of course.) Enjoy the's okay to be grossed out.


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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kind of weird and creepy.

I just received a letter in the mail from my OBGYN in Texas.

Dated July 27, 2009...It reads:

Dear Ms. Swain,

Your recent Pap smear has been reported as normal. Be sure to repeat your pap annually.

Please call me if you have any questions.

Ed Kemper

Okay, fine, that's great...normal Pap. Oh wait, I haven't seen this doctor in 9 months and have never had a Pap done by him.

Do they just send their patients letters of normal paps? That's a scary thought. OR maybe there is a poser? That's also not a very pleasant thought...well, at least she has a healthy va-jay-jay.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tips and tricks for airline travel

Anyone have any traveling tips or tricks for me?

We are flying to Memphis in a couple of weeks and I'm the world's worst packer. I always take way tooooo much and I always seem to have way too much to carry around the airport.

It probably wouldn't be an issue if the airlines didn't charge an arm and two legs to check bags.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maybe second time's a charm.

We went in to meet Jaxon's new pediatrician yesterday and Ron and I, both, hated him. I informed him of the alternate vaccination schedule that Jaxon is on and he might as well have named me "Worst Mother of the Year" right then and there. He was SOOOO closed minded and was not listening to a single thing I said. He made a comment at one point that just because I read something bad about vaccines doesn't mean that they're bad. I don't know where he collected this information from because when he asked me why I chose not to follow the CDC recommendations, I told him it was because I felt like it was too much, too soon....never did I say it was because I read something bad. Needless to say, we will not be seeing him again.

I don't need a doctor who agrees with my decision but I would like to have a doctor who is supportive of my rights as Jaxon's mother. I don't have to give Jaxon all of these vaccinations just because the CDC says that I should. I have a right to question what the medical community says is best for my child. Jaxon's previous pediatrician is the reason that I went ahead with the vaccinations in the first place. She was very open to my concerns and she really put my mind at ease. I really don't need an old geezer telling me how horrible I am that Jaxon is not getting his vaccines as recommended.

I really hate this part of moving, I really loved Jaxon's old ped. :(

I am preparing to start school this fall at the local community college. I am very excited and very lucky to have a husband who is so supportive of my ambitions. He is aware of the time it's going to take from him and the JaxMan in the evenings but we both agree that it's well worth it. It's so temporary.

I'm not exactly sure what I am want to do but I am leaning towards accounting. I'm extremely ready to do something with my professional life. I have so many regrets about not doing school when I was there the first time. I hope to do well this time and follow through with what I start. I'm pretty confident about it, the only thing that is standing in my way is ME...I'm doing it this time.