Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I appreciate Target's efforts

I never realized how nice it is that I don't have to avoid eye contact with soliciters when I walk into Target. It is just plain awkward for me. It's particularly nice when you get home and realize your husband has given some photographer guy $10 after being approached at the entrance of our local grocery. It just makes me angry, really.

Whether it's someone selling a photo session, cookies or just raising money (and yes, even for our troops) ... I'm just as bothered by that as I am by being approached by a homeless man while loading groceries into my car. I know Target has caught a lot of grief for not allowing people to solicit but as a customer who spends way too much money every.single.time. I go in there, I appreciate the efforts made to give me a comfortable entrance and exit.

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What a HOOT!

Jaxon was the focus of Fountain's First Annual Oktoberfest with the roasted corn that was half his size. He was so excited to eat it!
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