Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, My nose!

Okay, enough of the break, funny thing happened...ehm, well it's funny now.

I sat down on the toilet and hit my elbow on the toilet paper roll holder. It was one of those hold your elbow, close your eyes and breath really hard hits. So just as I thought the pain was going to pass, I started feeling light headed.

The next thing I knew, I woke up on the floor. I passed out...and fell off the toilet! Thankfully, I hadn't actually starting using the restroom yet.

I had no idea what happened but my head hurt. I ran down stairs and told Ron that I just passed out. (This is was all much more dramatic than I am writing it) He then asked me what happened to my nose! What? My nose? I put my hand on my nose and the once subtle bump on my nose was HUGE! I began crying hysterically, "Ron, my nose is HA-UGE!" Sob, sob, sob.

Apparently, I had hit my face on the wall on my way down. Who knew that you could pass out from hitting your elbow? I guess there is a nerve in there that causes you to pass out if hit too hard. Next time I hit my elbow, I'm just going to lay down on the floor, seriously.

Luckily, I woke up this morning without two black eyes...but with a big honker and a big goose egg on my forehead.

This is all on top of a stint of Mastitis that had me completely debilitated Friday and Saturday, which is a bit better but I'm still dealing with. This weekend has been awful.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm taking a hiatus.

Be back soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About Colorado...

It's fantastic.

Fountain is great, It's a small town right outside of Colorado Springs. We love our townhome and the area that we are in. It is a huge relief because we moved here blindly.

We are making ourselves at home. We just got our stuff yesterday...err, well, most of it. The movers had everything except for our mattresses which is a HUGE bummer. My body aches all day because of the dang air mattress that we are on, it's terrible. We have decided that we are moving ourselves next time. Yes, it's a lot more work but we like knowing that we have our stuff all together and it's the way it's supposed to be. Ron's MP3 player got stolen, our computer chair is missing a wheel (which makes this a very dangerous place to sit), pieces of Jaxon's crib are's just one thing after another. OH and don't even get me started on when I opened a box and lying there was a ROLL of wrapping paper, FOLDED in half. What geniuses. Seriously.

Little by little we are getting things together...I promise I won't be so gripey once it's done.

The only thing that I don't like about living where we live is that there is a rodeo ring on the way to our house. It wouldn't be such a big deal if I weren't so against the cruel treatment of rodeo (and circus) animals. Anyways, this rodeo ring has a little pen in the corner that holds baby cows 24 / 7. I look at it every time I pass by and it breaks my heart every time I pass by. I always think about arranging a Night Op to go free the baby cows. It's laughable to think about but I guess I would be right up there with people who free the grocery store lobsters.

We stopped at The Big Texan on our way out of Texas and the only thing that they had to offer us was a "dawgy corral" for Carson and Camille to run around in. We were super disappointed that we drove the 5 miles out of our way to eat there. It was expensive and the food was horrible. Other than that, our trip was fine.

Jaxon is bigger and better than ever. He just recently cut his two front teeth which filled the gap between his vampire teeth. My little Edward Cullen baby. You can kind of see his fangs in the close up picture of him in the cowboy hat. He's so freaking cute.

Anyways, Love you all!