Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He can't be, can he?

Jaxon is absolutely perfect. There is no way that I have had a pregnancy and a child, all without glitches. It's not possible, is it?

Well, I guess it is. As Ron would say, I'm the most pessimistic person he's ever met. In my defense, I have gotten better. It was bad while I was pregnant though. I was convinced that there was something wrong. I don't know if the fear stemmed from Ron having a disabled child or what but I just KNEW that something was going to happen. I'm sure if you asked Sheriece, she would tell you that I was genuinely surprised to learn that everything was perfect with Jaxon. I remember laying on the operating table and Sheriece saying something about Jaxon and I said "REALLY?". I was seriously surprised and relieved. That was a good day. I'm glad I got to share it with my sister. She is the next best thing to Ron and I'm so glad she was there.

Anyways, apparently I am as neurotic as mothers come. Jaxon has a great pediatrician though. I love her and she listens to me. She doesn't make me feel dumb by expressing my 'petty' fears. She told me how PERFECT he is doing. I have had it in my head that my child was behind, physically speaking. However, she put those concerns to rest. He's right on track.

Jaxon is just above the 50th percentile in weight, weighing in at 15 lbs and 9 oz. He was 25 inches long, which put him right in the 50th percentile. He is absolutely average in size.

He's such a phenomenal boy. What I hate is that everyone that loves him, besides me of course, has missed out on getting to hug him and see his handsome morning smiles. His slobber kisses are fantastic as well!

I wish I lived closer to everyone.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Next on the menu...


Jaxon is 4 months old today and we started rice. We've been having problems with him sleeping at night so I decided to start rice after reading on his pediatrician's website that it was okay. I kept going back and forth about it...I hope I made the right decision by going forward with it.

We go tomorrow for his 4 month well baby and shots. He is on an alternate schedule of vaccines so I am preparing myself for another vaccine lecture. I just can't bring myself to pump him full of all of the recommended doses at once. It makes me so uneasy to think about. He is getting vaccinated, it's just going to take longer.

Anyways, I will update with his stats.

Love you all!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to me!

Valentines Day was going to be just another day this year...up until about 20 minutes ago. It is now the day that Jaxon rolled over for the first time.

I am so excited! I saw it the first time, grabbed my camera and caught it the second time. I sound like such an idiot on the video. I'm not crying, I swear...just super, super excited.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fifteen by Taylor Swift

This song brings back some very bittersweet memories of my 'first love'. He was an older boy and I truly thought he was "the one"...oh, how naive I was. I am so thankful that he wasn't the one...I would be missing out on my fantastic husband and my perfect son. Thank God for unanswered prayers....hey, that's another song. ;)

- Taylor Swift Lyrics