Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The best letter ever.

Dear Melissa,

In 2008, while I was 6 months pregnant and missing my deployed husband, you and I got into an altercation that started when you asked me not to mail things to your children. *rolleyes* In that conversation, you called me a fat-ass.

Thank you, Melissa. While I don't think it was nice to call a pregnant woman, fat... I am very grateful you did. I look and feel better than ever and it was your comment that pushed me to go for my potential. And what potential it is, indeed.

As a victim of one of your many bitter tirades, I think you should know that Regardless of what you deal with on a personal, day-to-day you really should treat people better and not be so hateful.

Here's to you, anyway! I wouldn't be here without you.


P.S. It really is a shame you can not bring yourself to talk to me or even acknowledge my presence... I am not too shabby to be around.