Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SO sweet.

Jaxon got a FedEx package yesterday. It was a DVD and a book from Ron. The USO was offering a program at the airport that allowed servicemembers to read a book to their kids on DVD. It is so sweet. He read him 'Green Eggs and Ham'...Jax and I watched it today. Jax got so quiet when Ron started talking, it made me so happy to feel like he recognizes his daddy's voice. I could tell that it was really hard for Ron to do, he almost cried at the very beginning and at that very end. He is such a strong man to be able to go back, I am 99% sure that I would have gone AWOL before leaving Jaxon behind.

Mom left this morning. Her visit was so great and much needed. I have decided that I am done saying goodbye to my loved ones. I WISH!!!!!!

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martha wesson said...

I heard about that program and wondered if Ron would be able too send one to Jaxon. That is so special. I know it is so hard to have to say good bye again. Lee and I always say"See you after a while". Looking forward to seeing you two next week. Love, Gma

SM said...

That's so cool! What a great thing to do for Jax. Glad you had fun with Mom. Can't wait to see you!

AD said...

So glad you had a fun package come to help you over the sadness of having Ron leave again. How nice that your mom was able to be there with you.

Will you email me Ron's address where we can send him mail? Also, I don't have your email address either. In case you don't have mine, it is 6colemans*att.net.