Monday, October 13, 2008

Think Green

I have tried to live a more 'green' life by using the reusable shopping bags (which I LOVE because they are so sturdy and hold so much more) and recycling. Well, I am adding cloth diapering to the list. I am so excited about this. Have you ever seen a cloth diapered baby's bottom? Oh, it's so scrumptious to me! However, that's not why we are choosing to cloth diaper. We will save money, prevent hundreds of disposables from going to the landfill, keep those nasty chemicals from coming in contact with our baby's skin...and to top it all off, they're so cute! Ron has been on board with it from the beginning and I'm so thankful. A lot of dads aren't so receptive.

These diapers are one-size, all in ones...meaning, they are basically just like disposables except you wash them when they get soiled AND he will be able to wear them until potty training! I'm not really looking forward to the cloth diapering laundry but I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives of extra laundry.

These are our cloth wipes. They are made by a work at home mom who does this for a living! They are so soft. One side is velour and the other is flannel. The cloth diapering community is stocked full of work at home mothers who make things like this and they make so much money! I need to learn how to sew!

I have gotten so many ugly looks from people when I say that we are going to cloth diaper. You would think that I had just told them that we were diapering our baby in sandpaper! A lot of people think it's a lot more work and completely unnecessary but I would beg to differ. I am very proud of our decision to use cloth. I think it's everyone's responsibility to at least make an effort to preserve our beautiful Earth.

On a sad note, I saw my first stretch mark today. It's on the underside of my belly and is about an inch long. How much damage could another week and a half do? I guess we'll see.

RIP, my beautifully smooth pre-pregnancy stomach.

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Sabra said...

Good job, Maegan and Ron. We do all need to "Think Green." I need to be one of those seamstresses making money on these products. I have seen so many on Etsy, making burp cloths, bibs, etc. I need to buy a sewing machine, but I am too cheap :(

Carla said...

Our landfills are running over with the remnants of the "convenient" and "easy" way of doing things. Good for you on choosing cloth diapers & wipes.
Everybody should take a page from your book and "Think Green"!

AD said...

What a mature decision on your part to "Go Green" and commit to cloth diapers. I so wanted to go this route when McKelle was born but I chickened out. I admire your courage and good sense. It does take all of us making effort to preserve our planet. I'm SO impressed.

Don't worry about the funny looks people give you--this is just the beginning. Remember when you were visiting me right after Clay was born and we made our first venture to the mall? A woman looked at me with you and my three little ones and said, "What an awful lot of children." Little did she know it had taken all of my courage to venture out with my little family!

SM said...

I think this is awesome, Maejun! So healthy for his little bummy. Don't worry about the looks. They won't be the last. Being a parent somehow makes everyone think that you care about their opinion on everything you do.

Nikki said...

Dito on the shopping bags. Shane made fun of me for buying them but now he is the one of always remember to bring them to the store. He loves them more them I do.

I honestly just didn't think about the diaper thing... I do know now that you aren't officially a parent until you have been pooped, peed and thrown up on. And after that, what's a little more. I would so try it now if there were ever going to be anymore Glasscock babies...You go girl!!!

Carla said...

Maegan you are going to have your baby on my birthday! Sweet! I hope it all goes well and I can't wait for pictures.

Mary said...

Hey Megan,
I Hope all is going well with you. Today is October 20, 2008 are you still hanging in there. Have you heard from Ron. We love you and can not wait to met little Mr. Swain. Love Mary