Friday, June 11, 2010

January, really?!

i just commented on my sister's blog which meant that i had to log into my blogspot account. i discovered i haven't been on since january. wow.

let's see. jaxon is getting smarter and more ornery every day. i really hate to see how the terrible twos and threes are going to be. however, it's all worth it when he's in a lovey-dovey mood. he gets his blanket and crawls up in my lap, i might even get a hug. he's an awesome kid when he's not pulling my hair.

ron's military career is coming to an end so by next summer we could be opening a new chapter in our life. i'm extremely thankful he's not going to afghanistan but he's very disappointed and eager to move on from it. we're not sure of what the next chapter will bring and this may sound insane but i want to live outside of the US for a while. :/ i don't know when but at some point, it will happen.

i'm still hacking away at school... still not too sure where that's taking me but i'm going to find my way. :D

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Lindsay said...

about freakin time!!!! :)