Thursday, November 26, 2009


When we moved into our current home, I wrote on my facebook about our neighbors who called the Homeowner's Association about us not picking up our dog's waste. Remember? Good.

Well, a few weeks ago, we were lying in bed and because I am a warm person, I always sleep with the window open. All of a sudden, we hear this blood hurdling scream and then some crying and yelling afterward. Ron, being the natural protector that he is, recognized that it was a woman in distress and went to check it out. Ironically enough, it was the wife of the couple who are the ones who called the HOA on us. Apparently, her husband was at NTC, a month long training in California and she was taking her two big dogs out. I guess her dogs saw something and jetted off, pulling her off of her porch. Ron went outside to check things out. He checked her ankle and then went to find her dogs.

Fast forward to tonight...we hear the doorbell. We look at each other knowing that neither of us had invited anyone over. So Ron gets up and answers the door. It was our neighbors. THEY WERE COMING OVER TO THANK RON FOR HELPING HER!!! We were both shocked. They brought us a bottle of wine to compliment our Turkey dinner for tomorrow. I thought this was the sweetest thing ever. Neither of us ever gave a second thought to it. She ended up breaking her ankle which is awful BUT we ended up breaking the ice with them and finding out they are actually SUPER nice.

Isn't it weird how stuff works out? I have a feeling that there will be no more moments when we're caught outside together in a terribly awkward silence.

Anywho, just had to update...even with something silly! I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Love you!

P.S. Here are some bonus pictures of the Jaxon. He's soooo amazing. I can't wait for my family to spend time with him in Florida. It will only take a minute for everyone to understand the gravity of how amazing he is. Okay, maybe that's just my "mom" coming out but really, he will win everyone over. Oops, there it goes again...I just can't control it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Love This time of year

I just really love this time of year.

That's all.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have you ever had an "aha" moment?

About an hour ago, I came up with this urge to find SOMETHING to bring in some extra income and it hit me! I can be a dog / house sitter!

I hired a lady to come in and Take care of Carson and Camille while I went to Memphis for 10 days and do you know how much money she made off of me? Um.....$500....I could so do that! It's a job that Jaxon can tag a long to and I love animals!!!

So, I've ordered business cards, made fliers and even a website...check it out!!

If there are any grammar freaks out there reading this, please let me know if something needs to be corrected.

I'm really excited! I plan on going around to vet offices and Pet stores, I'm putting an ad in the newspaper...I'm going all out. Maybe I should be doing business management in school...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So School....

Yea, where to start.


It's going pretty good. A few posts ago, I was really stressing about time management but it seems like within the past week, I've gotten into a routine. I think that because I was stressing about it, I was probably making it worse. I'm doing good in school. A downfall I have is procrastination. MAN do I ever put things off! The good thing is that I good at getting things done right before they're due! Everything always gets done!

I know it's late for school now. I'm 25, got my GED when I was 18, I'm a mother, I'm a wife but I'm a lucky wife. Ron is so supportive of my schooling. He will even help me in the dreaded labs that I have to do for Biology. They're very time consuming, almost an all day thing. I am taking Biology online so I got this huge lab kit that allows us to play scientist in the kitchen. When we do these experiments, our kitchen looks awful!

I've had so much inspiration about going to school. I have made many excuses over the last 3 years of why I couldn't do this but I look around me who have done it!! My mom got a degree while being a single mother to my brother, sister and I! My brother in law, Jerad graduated last year. He is married with 3 kids! My Aunt Nikki had her son, Nick, when she was in college and she still got her degree! Ya gotta love it! They're SuperWomen!!!!

It feels good to be doing something that will make our lives better.

For those that knew Taylor as a toddler...

Do these pictures of Jaxon not bring back some memories of Taylor at that age?

I could be just me but when I saw these pictures, I was like "Whoa!"...From the pictures I've seen of Taylor as a toddler, Jaxon reminds me so much of him when he makes these faces. Specifically the first one.

Busy days

Our lives have been so hectic lately. Between Ron working, my school and keeping Jaxon on a's all become a lot. I never imagined myself having to squeeze in grocery shopping. :)

School is going well. This past week, I can tell that I am getting burned out. My goal this week is just to get everything done so I can have the weekend free with the family. I made the mistake of procrastinating this past week and instead of having a nice family weekend, my head was in a book or int he computer trying to get everything done. The good news is that I did get everything done and It appears that I am doing well in my classes.

Jaxon is so big. Within the past week, he has become a complete momma's boy. I don't mind, that kid is MINE. ;)

He saw Ron and I kiss each other goodnight one evening on my way to school and after I left, Jaxon was all over Ron wanting kisses. He loves giving kisses but he will sure make you work for them. He doesn't just hand them out to anyone. I hope that's the way it's going to be when get to be a teenager.

A lesson I have learned this week is that just as much damage can be done at a Gap outlet as just a regular Gap. You might get good prices for being "Gap" but damage can still be done. I can't help but love the outlet stores.

Well, I'm off to change a dirty, I am ready to get passed this diaper stage. EW.